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Good melody

You have a good ear for melody. I do agree with skyood, however, that the left hand isn't as good as it could be. However, I don't think you need to get rid of the standard 'oom-pah-pah' figure in the bass that is so common to waltzes. You simply need to re-harmonize the piece so that in the left hand, the first note of every measure forms a clear melody. Use inverted chords and change the harmony where you have to in order to make a memorable *and singable* bass line. Try to make this melody go in the opposite direction of your right hand as often as possible.

If you do this your music will sound very interesting and 'full' (not to mention impressive). You will have a good melody in your right hand, a countermelody in the bassline (beat 1 of every measure) and a chordal accompaniment (beats two and three of every measure).

Good luck.

The Newgrounds community is petty.

If you are wondering why you have been 0'd it is because you are a perceived 'threat' to the talentless hacks who spam this section with their super amateur, prefabricated music (most of which sounds exactly the same)/rant

This is wonderfully creative and fun to listen to. You have real talent for this, I think. If we were making unfair comparisons to 'greats' like Shostakovich (random example) I'd give you perhaps a 6. But compared to most of the music on newgrounds (and much of it is fantastic) and really, most music in general, I have no choice but to give you a 10. Great job.

If you want criticism, the fact that you spent just three days on this is a little disheartening. If you spent time editing this it may be possible to improve it. I always write/edit music with the philosophy that 'Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away'. If you agree with this, consider revising this. I cannot find anything I do not like about it, however.

Again, fantastic job. Keep writing music and don't let the petty 0 voters get you down!

NickPerrin responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
It was on a deadline (now added this fact to the description box!), thus the limited time spent making it. Otherwise it would absolutely have been a longer and more thought-out process. I definitely agree that taking more time would improve the final product, and having more time would have been great! Of course, now, I can edit it if I like, and may just do so (and add additional movements).

Pretty good but it doesn't feel finished.

Your "ending" sounds more like the beginning of a new section rather than the ending of a song. At least, thats how I felt when I heard it.


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